Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dakasi: My love for milk tea is back!

My milk tea addiction is back. Oh no! Yes...oh no because I've been trying to maintain my weight since the Good HouseKeeping Wedding Dress Challenge ended (will talk about it once the issue comes out in June). 

I've been curious about Dakasi, since my friends in Instagram (add me up! kimrodz) kept on raving about it. But I didn't try it and kept my promise to myself. And I thought I completely forgot about milk teas. Until I was invited by Liz to do hair and makeup for Dakasi's photoshoot in Pampanga. I got to taste the Classic Bubble Milk Tea and Okinawa during the photoshoot and men! it's so good. For me, all the milk teas taste the same that's why during my addiction, I was loyal to Bubbatealicious which I think is the cheapest but taste like Chatime of Gongca (for me) or sometimes Happy Lemon because they're kinda different. But Dakasi is so much tastier, milkier (for some flavors), and addictive!

And almost every week after that makeup gig, my hubby and I taste different flavors of Dakasi's milk tea. We try to limit to one milk tea a week just to satisfy our cravings.

Here are some photos from our shoot in Pampanga. Hair and Makeup by yours truly. It was a very fun shoot and milk tea tasting!




Hair and Makeup by Kim Tan-Rodriguez


If you're a Dakasi newbie and needs recommendations, here are my current favorites: Matcha Brown Rice Milk Tea with pearls or choco pudding (my baby loves it too...I don't know if it's alright to give a toddler milk tea but he grabs it from me). The matcha and the roasted rice crispies is a perfect combination. My hubby and I also loved the Peach Yakult with Aloe Vera. We order this when we are feeling guilty drinking milk tea. We feel this is healthier and good for digestion. Strawberry Au Lait is also one of my favorites. It's not too sweet nor sour. 


Anonymous said...

hi, have you tried tea monkey tamayaki and tea?

karen said...

been to tea monkey adriatico, they have a good tamayaki

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