Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Group For Makeup Artists: United Makeup Artists of the Philippines (UMAP)

When I have a goal, I seek for people who have the same goals as mine to share knowledge and experiences and help each other. Just like when I was preparing to breastfeed my baby, I had a support group online and I attended monthly meeting where one can share her concern and those who have an experience already shared how she dealt with it. And my breastfeeding journey was very much successful and smooth because mainly of that group that's why I am very grateful to them. 

I also have a friend who leads a weight loss support group (#SpartanTransformation in Instagram and Twitter) which I am very interested to join maybe after my GH Wedding Dress Challenge so I could maintain the weight that I have already lost forever. I have seen how her body changed wonderfully and how dedicated they are to their goal so I am a believer of their group already.

Okay so I have talked too much...but my point is just like in the makeup industry, you can't survive alone. Especially if you're a newbie, having a group will help you greatly start up your career. And just before Christmas last year, I've been hearing a buzz about a group named United Makeup Artists of the Philippines (UMAP) already. I've been wanting to join but I wanted to see how the group works first. That's why I was glad when they invited me to their press launch last week held at Conti's Robinson's Magnolia.



I know UMAP is trustworthy because I personally know some of the people who started and currently running it. Eenah and I were seatmates when we had a one day makeup lessons with Makeup Artists Sophie and Brigette when we were still dreaming about having a makeup career and now we're both practicing it :) Judith Pia was the former Product Manager of Paul and Joe (I miss the brand so much!) and now she's handling their family business and doing makeup fulltime.

United Makeup Artists of the Philippines (UMAP ) is a professioal and social organization whose aim is to encourage and achieve the highest standard in makeup artistry. It is a non-stock non-profit organization run by its founding members and a committee of volunteers. It is not a union, but actively works hard to promote and protect its members. It is guided and governed by the following core values: integrity, unity, respect, excellence, diversity, growth, fun and non-political.

Since late last year, they have conducted a number of activities for their members already like: general assemblies, makeup workshops, fashion shows and other makeup gigs. Current perks include professional discounts in various makeup stores like Pure Beauty, Kanebo and Airbrush Diva. There are also discounts on tuition fees and products on the makeup schools of Kay Rodriguez and Jo Barba. And they're currently working for more and exciting activities this 2013.


How to become a member?

Just email the following to Resume, Certificate on the Accredited Makeup Schools (if applicable), and 5 photos of your best work. If you don't have formal makeup schooling but have been in the industry for years, don't worry because they have different membership categories with the same benefits. Like UMAP's Facebook page, for questions and updates.

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Kristine Javier said...

True! It's crucial to create a supportive environment for ourselves in our chosen field and interests. ^_^ Thanks for mentioning #SpartanTransformation Kim!