Friday, February 22, 2013

Get Colour Collection Lipsticks From Me :)

One lipstick brand that has got a lot of good reviews from our top beauty bloggers is the Colour Collection by Tupperware. Some said that the quality comes close to MAC lippies at a very affordable price so I just have to try them. First impression.....the quality is really really good considering that they're very affordable. They have a very wide selection of shades too. But the negative feedbacks I read are: very hard to purchase the products because they're not available online and no swatches. Since I live very near a Tupperware branch, I decided to become a reseller :) I'll also share with you the swatches of the products as soon as I've tried them. But for now, here are the one's I've tried and tested. photo (1)
This is the lipstick and nail polish set in Pink Chiffon. A very deep pink shade that's perfect if you don't want to go bold as red. It glides easily, very pigmented and has glossy finish. I wore it alone with two swipes on the picture above. Staying power is pretty good as well. This stays perfectly for up to 4 hours if I don't eat or drink but if I do there will still be a hint of color that will stay.

As for the nail polish, I have very small nails but this color made my hands look sexy haha. The nail polish has a very good quality too. I wore this color without chipping for three days considering that I did trial makeups at the bridal fair for 3 consecutive days which means spraying alcohol from time to time and brush cleaner as well. Some long-wearing nail polishes that I've tried last me 3 days as well. This is P350 per set available in 4 shades: bridal pink, Sweet sangria, Tango red and Nude Blush set. I'll show you the swatches of the Bridal Pink asap :)
photo (2)

Colour Collection Mineral Lipstick in Walnut. This is the first product that I wanted to try from Colour Collection ever since Sophie raved about it. It looked really nice on her. Inggitera mode on! haha. Though it would look different depending on the natural color of your lips. See Julia's swatch here. Colour payoff is also different on me (I didn't use any base and gloss on the photo above) but it still looks nice. It's a great everyday lip color. Only P350 each

photo (3)

Colour Collection Mineral Lipstick in Bordeaux. It's red but not too much :) That's the sentence  hear most often on my clients who love to wear red but not the Anne Curtis' type of red. On the photo above, I only swiped it once on my lips. See how intense the pigmentation is? Love it. A pretty red for day. And if you want it more red, swipe it once more and that shade will look like this:

Colour Collection Bordeaux

This is also P350.

I promise to post more as soon as I can. I still have a lot in line :) If you want to order, message me here you may also text me 0916.469.48.13


Friday, February 8, 2013

Pretty Pink MAC Lippie: MAC Amplified Haute Altitude

I love pink lipsticks and one of the prettiest I currently own is MAC's Amplified in Haute Altitude. If you're into bridal pink lip colors, you'll love this too. See my swatches below: image image

 I'll try to post swatches of the lippies I often use alright? ciao

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Current fave Hair Product: Kerastase Elixir Ultimate Grand Crus

Circa 2010, I suffered from major hairfall (that's after giving birth). So I stopped using all my hair products except shampoo and conditioner and during the times that I am home, I opted not to brush my hair because I was afraid of more hair fall. After that, my hair became stubborn and rough even if I use conditioner (except Dove, it works for me and my current fave).

So I started using some hair care products again which I got from an event I attended before Christmas 2012, the Kerastase Elixir Ultimate purple (rose - for normal hair) and green (immortal moringa - for damaged hair). It has been my favorite ever since. These products are made from precious oils but doesn't make the hair feel or look oily when dry but keeping it so soft, easy to comb and more manageable. I always use either one after shower when my hair is damp. recommended before blowdrying but since I don't always have the time, the first works for me as well. For the scent, they're so mild and don't overpower the scent of shampoo or conditioner. For me it disappears after a few minutes of application.

  kerastase elixir ultimate

After months of using, I noticed that my hair is a lot healthier now. Hair fall was lessened dramatically and I love how soft my hair feels after using it. In fact, major salons use this product as well when blowdrying to remove the tangles without hurting the clients.  Read my post about the event here to know more about these products.

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