Saturday, December 1, 2012

Acne Sucks!

Have you guys seen this Youtube video tutorial of Cassandra on how she does her foundation flawlessly despite her acne problem? The effects of having an acne to a person is my 3rd topic for the campaign I'm working with "The Truth Seeker".


Here are some of my observations from the people I know who are suffering from acne:

Because they're shy to let people see their problem skin, the level of self confidence becomes low. The person becomes aloof when other people are around. The effects are grave not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Sometimes, even the love life of a person is affected. Well, I haven't seen anger and depression effects on people yet but I'm sure some people do.

Have you watched Cassandra's video yet? Please do so you'll know what I'm talking about :). I really admire her confidence of showing the world her bare face and for giving hope to others who are in the same condition. What she's doing is extremely difficult and takes a lot of courage. Because of that, she gained a lot of followers, you see? I felt her pain when she cried about it.

She looked like a model on her after photo right? And she looked happy and confident. Only a very few were gifted with a smooth face. This is the reason why most girls like me love makeup, to cover the flaws. But wouldn't it be better if the acne be cured instead of be covered? After all, makeup was created to enhance not to be a mask. That's why each of us must know the proper ways of taking care of our skin how to treat acne effectively.


Unknown said...

That video got me teary-eyed. My acne situation isn't as bad as hers but it's enough make me feel uncomfortable.

Sometimes I hate it when people think that you have it because you dont have good hygiene practices. It's a disease. A skin disorder. And people need to be informed.

skymd said...

Wonderful video, Which you have shared here about the cystic acne. This video is very interesting and I liked to watch it. Thank you so much.