Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Hair Enhancers from Pinkbox: Hair Puff & Donut Bun

For me, a great hairstylist must deliver an appealing result without damaging the client's hair. That's why if possible, I avoid teasing / backcombing when I'm styling someone's hair as well as my own. And if you ask how to volumize the hair without teasing? For almost every bride I worked with, I use hair enhancers or what I usually call "palaman sa buhok". These products are heaven sent because it makes hairstyling a breeze.


 Photo of my December client Judge and Jah taken by Mr. Eugene Martinez. This was during their prenup at UP Diliman. Hair and makeup done by me. I used a hair puff on her to create a nice, clean, volumized half up-do.

And just recently, I attended the launch of Pinkbox's new hair enhancers held at Aria Cucina, BHS Central. I was really excited to discover new things that will make my job easier.


Just like the cute accessories you can purchase at Pinkbox, Aria Cucina was decorated with pink and cute stuff. Love it!







There was a demo on how to use their newest products: Donut Bun and Hair Puff/.


The Donut Bun is the one on the right. It's an ingenious soft foam tool that can help you create an elaborate updo. Korean style! It doesn't feel heavy or hot on top of your head which makes it super comfy compared to its DIY alternatives. It comes in different sizes: P119.75 / small, P129.75/
medium, P149.75 / large.

We were given a demo on how to create a high messy bun Korean style!

1) Tie your hair super up. Need not to be perfect as we're aiming for the messy outcome.



2) Insert the Donut Bun on the ponytail. Then loop it all over the donut to cover it. Secure with bobbi pins and hairspray if desired.




Here's the pretty high donut bun modeled by Verniece Enciso, fashion blogger/model.

Now here's our very own beauty blogger Martha modeling the hair puff.

The Hair Puff is an ultralight velcro insert that can be placed underneath your hair to instantly 
volumize it. You can create a bouffant with zero teasing - all you need are your hands, a comb, and a 
couple of bobby pins! You can also create a beehive with this. : P 189.75 / 2 pieces in 2 sizes


1) Part your hair where you want to place the volume.


2) Insert the hair puff. then cover it with the hair in front then pin, comb and style.



At the last part of the event, every table was given a basket full of hair enhancers, accessories, comb, bobbi pins and everything needed to create a pretty hairstyle. We were asked to style our own hair using the hair enhancers demonstrated. I was so thrilled as I am so used to style other people's hair but not my own. haha.


That activity was a bit of a challenge for me because every table has only one mirror. My table mates were busy using it and I got shy so I used my compact mirror instead. I used both the hair enhancers, the hair puff for volume and the donut for my side bun. A common wedding hairstyle hehehe. The result was not that polished but I'm proud because I did it fast and using only a very small mirror haha.



And ho ho ho! Surprise surprise! I won the game. And look what my prize is...a full length mirror-cum-closet from Pinkbox. Every kikay girl will surely it! In fact, I posted it on my FB wall and got super duper many likes haha. I wasn't expecting to win because it's not perfect but I guess I've been using these kinds of hair products for so long that I already know what to do with them. Thank you Pinkbox!


I looked so fat in this pic but wth? I still won :-P

What I wore: Celine hot pink dress/ Celine sandals

Don't forget to link Pinkbox's FB page to get constant updates ok?

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Unknown said...

Hello, Ms. Whoknows!
I'm a 16 year old teenager girl who's been looking for stores that sell donut bun, I've been in several stores at different malls but still can't find one. By any means, can you suggest stores/bangketa/malls where I'll be able to buy one? or anything? I'm currently living in Makati and I hope my location helps