Friday, November 9, 2012

Mom's Secret to Good Skin: Johnson's Baby Milk

Being a mom of an extremely active 2-year old boy is very amusing. It’s fun to see him play everything and goof around, being friends with other toddlers, imitating different words and expressions, showing off his newly-learned skills when surrounded with people and just explore everything around him. But man! It can really be tiring sometimes. That job can be really time-consuming. When we’re together I can’t even use my laptop anymore because I’m afraid to take my eyes off him. But I try to balance the things that I do because I need to take care of my husband and myself too. So I spare some time cooking healthy but delicious meals, watching dvd with my hubby and of course my me time! And with my job as a makeup artist, having a good skin is a must. I’m not boasting but I can say that I have healthy skin even though I choose to spend our money for family over spas and salons. What’s my secret? It’s the Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath. I’ve been using it ever since Liam was born. It’s the only product that I trust my baby’s skin with and now mine too. I can swear by this product because we both have soft and smooth skin now.



 Last week, moms were treated by Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath to a day of pampering and knowledge sharing of how we can take good care of our skin thru the food we eat.


 Hand massage is not only relaxing but it also helps improve blood circulation. I currenly use Johnson’s Baby Milk Lotion for my baby so it’s the lotion I use for my hands as well. I like its mild and moisturizing formula as well as its soothing scent.


 The event was hosted by Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo, a tv host and a mom of three. When I saw her, I wished that I would look like her after I have another baby. She’s currently pregnant and her skin is just glowing. Her secret is my secret too.


 We were also surprised with foods that are good for the skin as well: Chocolates, nuts and yoghurt. Girls must know these info: Chocolates are not just sweet desserts. They also contain Flavonoids that can help protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Walnuts and almonds are rich in Vitamin E that locks in moisture and keeps skin supple. Yogurt has zinc, which helps reduce pores and evens out skin tone. These treats are not just delicious, they also nourish the skin! Good thing I eat all of these!



 There was also a salad preparation demo by celebrity chef mom, Rosebud Benitez. She’s a working mom and being a chef, she believes in taking care of her skin by eating healthy. I’ll definitely try this tuna mango salad she taught us.


 And you all know who are the current endorsers of Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath: Judy Ann Santos and her son Lucho. I love her so much. I’ve already seen her in person and she’s my idol when it comes to being fit and healthy. She’s very pretty too. Having a great skin boost everyone’s self-esteem. If we feel good about ourselves, it will make us a better person. If I’m happy, everyone in the house is also happy so make sure to take body and skin care seriously. As for me, I make sure that every meal I eat 1 fruit, 1 cup of veggies, protein and half rice. And for my skin, I use Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath and Lotion.


 With Johnson's Baby Milk, mommy can have soft and smooth skin, just like baby’s. That's because Johnson's Baby Milk is the best skin nourishing product for both baby and mommy.

So moms out there, I invite you to like Johnson's Baby Facebook Page to get updates and more information about their product. You may also visit any branch of Watson's to get samples of Johnson's Baby milk bath and lotion.

 Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all opinions stated above are mine.


Issa said...

I use both the Milk Bath and Lotion for my son! Now, after reading this post, maybe I should try it for myself too! :)

burt's bees said...

Great healthy review you have taken on Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath to discuss here. Thank you.

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