Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tommy Girl Eu de Prep

Hello guys! For the past two weeks, I've been using a new scent, Tommy Girl Eu de Prep. I still have my old Tommy Girl perfume and I treasure it the most because my mom gave it to me but I find it too flowery at times. I don't use the same perfume everyday as I choose it depending on my mood and of course the occasion. But I've used the Eu de Prep for two weeks straight.

2012-08-23 17.54.55

The scent is not that strong to make a statement during the day and for a lightly sophisticated mood in the evening. Try it out when you visit the perfume counters in the mall! 

2012-09-01 12.02.05


Eau de Prep Tommy Girl is girl’s perfect companion, regardless of whether she’s at tennis court or in ballroom. The fragrance opens with pink peppercorn, green apple and violet leaves. A heart carries the scent of white roses and the composition closes with sandalwood, hawthorn and musk. It is the ultimate accessory that completes your look and provides a long-lasting, memorable image.

Flacons are very elegant. They are made of see-through glass and embellished with golden inscriptions and cap. Outer carton of the edition for women is colored in red, while men’s version is navy blue.

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