Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Antipolo Prenup Location: Crescent Moon Cafe

Just this month, my September bride Jac asked me to do her hair and makeup  for their prenup photoshoot at Crescent Moon Cafe in Antipolo. I was excited because it was my first time there and I saw some nice photos of the place and their food while googling on how to get there.


This is my very pretty and nice client Jac. I can't wait to see her in her wedding gown this September :D This photo was taken by Eros Photography


I asked my hubby to accompany me because when I read the directions on Crescent Moon Cafe Facebook page, I felt that I'm going to get lost haha. But we found a simpler and clearer direction on a blog (sorry I can't find it anymore) and we realized that it's very easy to get to that place. You just have to drive a little bit slower and be mindful of the signs. 


Crescent moon cafe is a perfect prenup location if you want that nature theme different from the usual parks in the metro. They have a koi pond and pottery where you could take nice photos.


The cafe


Crescent Moon Cafe logo


We arrived earlier than expected so the staff gave us some fish food for the koi for some activity.





You can actually touch and feed the gigantic kois on the pond.



And also the place is owned by a national artist so there are some antique stuff there.




Jac and her fiance initially wanted a "Ghost (the movie)" themed prenup shoot because of their pottery but I think they're not allowing pictorial there.

And on to the food:


healthy alagaw wrap. It's kinda weird at first but it was flavorful. I like that the alagaw leaves they use for the wrap has some health benefits.


Creamy mushroom soup


Chicken Afritada yummy!


Steamed fish


Kangkong with garlic and peanuts. This is so good!

It's actually a nice place that's not too far from Manila. I liked the food and the ambiance. I just wish they add more facilities so kids and family could enjoy and stay more.

For couples who are looking for a prenup location in Antipolo, this one is worth taking a look. Visit their Facebook page for more photos and info of the place.

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J. Isidro said...

I had fun reading your post. Prenup photoshoots are just so in these days. It gives added dimension to a wedding. Can't say I've heard of the Crescent Moon CafĂ© myself. Have included it in my “radar”. Thank you. The Koi’s are a good touch. Love their colors. It would be good if they could open up their pottery shop --- leaves room for more possibilities.  Liked the make-up of the bride to be. It looked natural (not overdone). Nice touch on the food. You dabble in photography aside from make-up?  Please check out this site too: http://flairtree.weebly.com/ for other interesting wedding concepts.

*KiM* said...

Hi J! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Will definitely check yours too. Yup you should visit the place. Re the photos...thanks but I don't really have knowledge in photography. I just set my digicam in macro mode and try to have a clear photo as possible hehe