Monday, July 23, 2012

Instant Hair Puff

Creating a perfect puff takes a lot of practice and involves teasing which some people dislikes. And for events like wedding, there are instances that the veil weighs down that perfectly done puff.

That's why I've been wanting to buy a hair tool like this ever since I saw it at the KKCenter website. And a few weeks ago, I read Liz's post about this awesome product by Pinkbox.


I got a big and small set for P159.00 at Pinkbox.

And I've road tested it right away on a wedding gig I did last July 15.


See how nice the hair puff was? And it stayed in perfect shape up to the end of the reception too :)



What's even great is I found a cheaper alternative  during my recent trip at Landmark.


I got this set for only P49.00. I think the quality of Pinkbox is way better but for a business woman like me who will only get to use it once on a client, this is a fab find!


It's very easy to use. Just like what's indicated on the photo above.


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