Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dr. Eric Schweiger: Celeteque Dermoscience New Brand Ambassador

If you have a specific skin concern, I believe Celeteque Dermoscience has the answer for all. During it's launch last year at SM Makati, I was in awe while checking out the huge range of Celeteque Dermoscience skin care line. Until now, I'm still using everything from their Acne Solutions Line, the Dark Spot Corrector and Backne Spray. Their moisture spray and wrinkle instant smoothing cream are also staples in my makeup kit during wedding gigs. And I few weeks ago, I was invited again when they introduced their latest Dermo skin care ambassador, Dr. Eric Schweiger, a top New York-based dermatologist, last June 6, 2012 at Crown Plaza Hotel.


The beautiful Angel Jacob hosted the event. 


Dr. Eric Schweiger is one of the top dermatologists in New York. He owns the esteemed Schweiger Dermatology center. Being successful in his field, for sure he was approached by many skin care companies. But when asked why he chose to partner with Celeteque Dermoscience, he said that he tested the products himself and was impressed. Celeteque Dermoscience's advantage is that it takes a scientific approach , using of derma-grade ingredients, testing to confirm product efficacy and consulting with leading dermatologists who understand Filipino skin".



Together with Ms. Tina Sarmiento of Celeteque Dermoscience, Dr. Schweiger gladly answered our skin queries.


My skin's moisture level was tested and surprisingly, I have a normal moisture level :) Just when I thought my skin is becoming try esp in the hand area. 


We had a photo op with Dr. Schweiger afterwards. Photo above was from Earth of

For skin care, I trust Celeteque so much (no kidding!). It's what I really use and also for my clients especially those with sensitive skin. They're mild and shouldn't cause skin irritations. It's also a huge plus that one of the most trusted dermatologists in New York like Dr. Schweiger recommends it.

Have you tried any of the Celeteque Dermoscience product?


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