Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rave: Loreal Hydrafresh Toner and Mattifying Icy Gel

I have combination to oily skin type. And through the years that I've been doing makeup, I've encountered a lot of people who have oily skin. In fact, 70% of my past clients have oily skin (that's just my estimate hehe). So for the past years, I've been searching for the best anti-shine/mattifying product. I've tried some good ones but I'm not satisfied with the outcome when layered with makeup.

I'd like to share with you guys the products I've recently tried on myself and on my past wedding gigs and find really effective in controlling the oilies and shine: Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-shine toner & Loreal Hydrafresh Durably Hydrating and Mattifying Icy gel.




What I like:

- Mattifies the skin for approximately 5 hours but leaves it supple and doesn't make the skin dry.
- Doesn't make the foundation cakey
- Cool and refreshing feeling during application
- I like the minty smell. (not everyone likes it though)

What I don't like:
- The packaging is nice but a bit heavy especially when I bring it on makeup gigs.
- For hygienic purposes, you should always have a spatula or cutips if you don't have it to get the product. For some, this might be inconvenient.

Last Saturday, I did makeup for two weddings. Both of my brides concern is the oiliness of their skin. I did very minimal retouch on both before the start of reception, just a few blots of tissue to remove the sweat and light touches of loose powder. And when I saw their photos at the reception, I was glad to see that the makeup stayed in place and their skin looked glowy and not oily.


My pretty and sexy bride Cielo. It was an honor to be the first one to do a full makeup on you. Hope you don't forget me :) hehe Congratulations to you and Franco!


My very sweet client Jen. You looked even more beautiful last Saturday! Congratulations to you and Ryan!

Airbrush Makeup by Kim Tan-Rodriguez, wedding makeup artist

Loreal Hydrafresh Toner  - 295
Loreal Hydrafresh Hydrating and Mattifying Icy Gel  - P300 ++

Let me know your feedback if you've tried them already ok :)

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