Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Summer Products Must-Haves

The heat this summer is so intense that if you stay under the sun for just a few minutes, your skin will be damaged. So for today's post, I wanna share the products I've been using to keep my skin protected and what makeup I use to compliment them.



I use this two newly released BB creams by Estee Lauder (SPF 30) and Loreal (SPF 50). For normal days, I use either of them alone or as a base then topped with the Paul & Joe powder foundation for more coverage.


Celeteque lip moisturizer also with SPF for my lips, waterproof eyeliner from Majolica Majorca and waterproof mascara from Maxfactor. Bronzer from Artdeco or a peach blush from covergirl for that healthy summer glow.


How about you? What are your staple products this summer?

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I see some stuff there that I totally agree to be a must-have, especially the MF mascara which I super love! I'd like to try out the bb creams and the art deco bronzer. :P