Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MADE M Printing Made my day :)

I only gave the approved copy yesterday lunch time. I was amazed when this box with 10,000 copies of my flyers arrived on our doorstep this morning! I didn't ask for it to be rushed. In fact, I told them that it's ok if they can't make it this week. I guess it's their way of impressing a first time client hehe.

2012-05-30 14.35.59

Now I'm all set for the wedding fair this coming June 23-24 at the World Trade Center! yay

I've had not so good experiences with printing press. Some don't deliver on time...or don't even deliver  and just be gone with your money and all possible way to contact them. Some just don't meet your expectations. It can be really frustating especially for someone who means real business right? And for the first last! I had a very smooth transaction with a printing press. Alright, I'll name them. It's MADE M. Their contact numbers are in the photo below so if you need some printing services, I highly recommend them! I'm not associated or paid by them. Just a happy and satisfied customer :)

Staff are easy to talked to and very professional. They have proper processes for transactions. They also have an office so you know where to go to if you have concerns :)

2012-05-30 14.35.41\

For soon-to-weds/debutantes who are in search of a wedding make-up artist or hairstylist, let me know if you can come at the wedding fair ok. Details are in the poster below:


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AskMeWhats said...

Kim! super nice! bigyan mo ako isa when we meet!!!! This Saturday!