Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Breaking Dawn Treat by Moschino Forever

I'm a fan of the Twilight Saga. I've read all the four and never missed the movie versions. It has an effect to most girls that men couldn't understand haha.

My hubby and I was able to watch its first screening at Eastwood Mall because the Moschino Group gave us some tickets Thank you very very much!




I expected my hubby would be bored to death as what he complained with the first three but surprisingly, he enjoyed the Breaking Dawn Part 1 as the fighting scenes were awesome!


There was a raffle after the movie. I'm so inggit with those who won a bottle of the new Moschino Forever Scent hehe.


Moschino Forever is the new masculine fragrance by Moschino. A timeless scent inspired by Moschino Fashion known for reinterpreting classics with elegance and irony.

An eau de toilette created for a classic man, with a strong personality that enables him to be original and unique.

Sniffed it a few times with the sample I got and it's just how I wanted my hubby to smell everyday. Very enticing. It's now available at Rustan's Department Stores so check it out if you happen to pass by.


Issa said...

aaawww, haven't watch the movie! have to find time...

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