Monday, October 10, 2011

The No-Guilt Concealer: VMV's Skin-The-Buff Concealer

We all know that makeup contains a lot of unknown ingredients to us. Thus, we're risking the health of our skin every time we put a lot on our face. That's why when people who have super sensitive skin ask my advice on what makeup to use that doesn't cause breakouts or skin irritations, I'd usually say "Our skin reacts differently to products. If you've found one that suits your skin very well, stick to it!". There's also one brand that guarantees their products good for the skin and free of allergens based on the current list of a well-known research center in the US, that's VMV. 

They've recently released a new line of concealer that includes color correctors and a wide range of skin tone concealers. I got lucky to have one and have been using it ever since I got hold of it :) 

I called it "The No-Guilt Concealer" because you get to cover your imperfections with a concealer that acts like a skin treatment. I enjoy a smooth and well-covered skin when wearing it without worrying the things I put on my face :) According to the Skintelligent website, VMV's Skin-The-Buff prevents irritations, acne and darkening. It also contains USDA-certified organic virgin coconut oil which is a known for healing and moisturizing the skin. VCO also replaces lipids lost to aging + dehydration. In skin cells, creates a healthier balance of saturated-to-unsaturated fatty acids: repairs damage from aging, the sun + other environmental factors.





Texture is creamy but light. Very easy to blend. And provides medium coverage that is buildable.

Check the photos below on how well it covered my imperfections.


Skin-The-Buff Set with Paul & Joe setting powder.


The setting powder added some coverage and helped the concealer stay-put for about 4 hours. What I like about this product is how smooth it glides making it very easy to apply. I've been using it for weeks now and experienced no skin irritation. Staying power is pretty decent too but if you have oily skin, I think you'll need a primer prior to application. All in all, this product impressed me. I choose to use this product for everyday undereye concealing because of its VCO content. 



gotluggage said...

I love VMV too. sad thing i have oily skin so i need some primer pa.

Zxcv said...

oh wow! They look sooo promising! Thanks for the review! I love creamy textured concealers too! Phey

Issa said...

i've been on the lookout for a concealer... i will test this once i see it in counters! thanks for the review! :)

Unknown said...

Hi anong primer ginagamit mo?