Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair Curled with Flat Iron

There were only few people who visited during the first day of the Kasalan Bridal fair last week. Probably because it was a Friday or most of the people were busy shopping during the sale :) So while no one's passing by our booth, I took the time to fix my hair because I spent all the time I had during the morning with my baby and hubby and woke up extra early for my makeup haha.

I've had my JML flat iron for years but I've never tried curling my hair with it. Most of the time, I don't bother curling my own hair because it's pretty tiring and time consuming haha. And curls don't really last that long for my hair type at least without products. I personally do not like putting hair products on my hair because I don't like the stiff or sticky feeling.


But to my suprise, I found it easier curling my hair using this :) I also liked these big loosened up after an hour but the curls lasted all throughout the event even without any hair product! Love it!




Looks like you'll see me with curls often now haha!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Hair Color by Creations Salon

Hello everyone! I'm back from the bridal fair weekend at SM Megamall :) It was another fun experience meeting and chatting with a lot of soon-to-weds but I felt the body aches yesterday so I slept the whole day haha.

One week before the event, I decided to give my hair some TLC while waiting for my hubby to finish his work in Makati. I paid Creations Salon a visit and had my hair colored. I wanted something not too light but would really show up and get noticed to get my money's worth so here's the result.

Creations Hair Color

Creations Hair Color

Love it! I didn't bring my camera as it was an unplanned salon visit but I really had a great experience at Creations Salon so I will definitely go back to share a salon experience with you guys :)

Have a happy week ahead!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The No-Guilt Concealer: VMV's Skin-The-Buff Concealer

We all know that makeup contains a lot of unknown ingredients to us. Thus, we're risking the health of our skin every time we put a lot on our face. That's why when people who have super sensitive skin ask my advice on what makeup to use that doesn't cause breakouts or skin irritations, I'd usually say "Our skin reacts differently to products. If you've found one that suits your skin very well, stick to it!". There's also one brand that guarantees their products good for the skin and free of allergens based on the current list of a well-known research center in the US, that's VMV. 

They've recently released a new line of concealer that includes color correctors and a wide range of skin tone concealers. I got lucky to have one and have been using it ever since I got hold of it :) 

I called it "The No-Guilt Concealer" because you get to cover your imperfections with a concealer that acts like a skin treatment. I enjoy a smooth and well-covered skin when wearing it without worrying the things I put on my face :) According to the Skintelligent website, VMV's Skin-The-Buff prevents irritations, acne and darkening. It also contains USDA-certified organic virgin coconut oil which is a known for healing and moisturizing the skin. VCO also replaces lipids lost to aging + dehydration. In skin cells, creates a healthier balance of saturated-to-unsaturated fatty acids: repairs damage from aging, the sun + other environmental factors.





Texture is creamy but light. Very easy to blend. And provides medium coverage that is buildable.

Check the photos below on how well it covered my imperfections.


Skin-The-Buff Set with Paul & Joe setting powder.


The setting powder added some coverage and helped the concealer stay-put for about 4 hours. What I like about this product is how smooth it glides making it very easy to apply. I've been using it for weeks now and experienced no skin irritation. Staying power is pretty decent too but if you have oily skin, I think you'll need a primer prior to application. All in all, this product impressed me. I choose to use this product for everyday undereye concealing because of its VCO content. 


You are invited to the KASALAN 2011 PART 2 Bridal Fair!

Yeah I know it's Monday again. But for those who's having their usual Monday blues, don't be sad because there's something to look forward to for the coming weekend: MALLWIDE SALE! haha. And for couples who are planning to shop at SM Megamall this coming weekend, I'd like to invite you to visit my booth at the KASALAN Bridal Fair at the Megatrade Hall from Oct 14-16. 

Kasalan Bridal Fair

Email me if you're coming ok? May all of us have a happy week ahead :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wedding Makeup: Jayne & Donald

I was too busy with a wedding gig yesterday that I can't believe that weekend is over again. I'm not complaining though because I so love my current career :) It was really fun working with a beautiful and witty bride like Jayne, my client yesterday. I really felt the excitement in her even though she's a bit worried with the weather. She has awesome family too and I enjoyed chatting with them while doing their makeup.

Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Jayne is stunning already even without makeup. She told me that she was just worried with the two pimples in the forehead she got just a few days before the wedding. Oh well...Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer performed its job very very well :) And her skin became more radiant with the OCC Airbrush Foundation. I also loved the lipstick I used on her. Lasted really long on top with the lip liner from the same brand. It's their newest release...can you guess what it is?

Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Irene, maid of honor. She's Jayne's sister and very pretty like her too. She reminded me of Blue Hernandez from Basement during my makeup school days :) For her, I did traditional makeup application using Laura Mercier oil-free foundation (which is very very nice!), neutral shades and same brand of lipstick from the brand :)

Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Groom's sister. What a gorgeous skin she has already! And it became even more beautiful with the foundation on (Laura Mercier again :)). She has thick and dark eyebrows so I just filled in the gaps and brushed it with MAC's girl boy brow gel to lighten it up a bit. She loves wearing makeup so I defined her eyes with black eyeliner and as per request, red lippie :)

Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Bride's cousin. 

Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Didn't do her makeup though but I posted her photo because she's too cute! I hope my baby gets as talkative as she is too :)

Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Bride's mom. Very kikay like my mom. She loves makeup too. For mature skin, I like using cream foundation as it doesn't settle into the lines. For Jayne's mom, I used Graftobian HD foundation. I also tested Celeteque Dermoscience's instant wrinkle smoother on her and it's like magic :) It really lessened the fine lines instantly. I can swear by the staying power too because I stayed until the end of the church ceremony and her makeup remained intact and smooth. :) I wished we have taken a closer shot though as a proof...I'll see if I can get one from the official photos. 

Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Guest. Again, light neutral makeup for this young teenager. I used Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer for her marks topped with Mehron skin tone concealer to match her shade. 

Time to rest now :) Good night everyone!