Monday, September 5, 2011

New Makeup Toy: Tall Aluminum Makeup Chair

I used to think that a makeup chair isn't necessary for a makeup artist. It's true that my back really hurts after an 8-hour wedding makeup gig but I find it very difficult to bring. And when I do hair, I will have to ask my client to transfer to a lower chair and I find that a hassle too. But when I started joining bridal fairs, I realized its use. One is to make my booth appealing and of course to protect my back because bridal fair = long hours of makeup session.

After the bridal fair last June, I researched on the best makeup chair. I find the common wooden makeup chair passe and too heavy. Anyone ever tried it? Plus it isn't heavy duty. So I googled tall aluminum makeup chairs and found a writeup about it in Kris Bacani's blog. So I asked my dad to order it for me from Amazon.

Aluminum Makeup Chair

It's called the Earth Executive VIP Tall Director's Chair. $69 in Amazon. I had it personalized with my logo and website at the back :)

Aluminum Makeup Chair

Sorry I can't find any good spot to take photos in our condo :) It's really huge! And I think it won't break even if a man as big as Michael Jordan sits on it.

Aluminum Makeup Chair

I find the compartments on the side very efficient.

Aluminum Makeup Chair

There's a side table too where I could put my palettes when doing makeup.

I really love it! And oh when my chair was already in transit, I found out that Suesh is already selling this kind of makeup chair for P6000. I would have ordered from then if I only knew.

Happy Monday everyone!


AskMeWhats said...

True kimmy! sakit super sa likod lalo nang hindi na tayo bumabata! heheehhee super nice! I like the logo ! Personal touch talaga :D

beautylilsecrets said...

i love your chair Kim! I'm also thinking of buying one, kaso I want the traincase with mirror first. budget-budget, hehe. i think for $69, its best buy na, but how much did u spend on shipping?

crickette inserto said...

Wow sosyal, may table with cup holder! I think that is awesome!

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