Friday, July 8, 2011

New to makeup? Learn the basic how-to's in doing your eyeshadow


Our eyes are a powerful focal point of our bodies. They can communicate, express emotions, command and build rapport with other people. Beautiful women know how to use their eyes to their advantage by enhancing them with eye makeup - history is littered with them. There is Cleopatra with her fiercely lined eyes, Audrey Hepburn with her doe eyes, and Twiggy with her wide, expressive peepers. Indeed, every girl must know the basics of applying eye makeup and the tricks to enhance their natural color and facial features.

Learn the tools you need and the steps to take to attain that gorgeous eye makeup in this article at the Philippine Online Chronicles.

I'm still giddy over the two pairs of shoes I got a while ago at Ferretti. Love love love! Will tell you more about it in one of my upcoming posts. Happy weekend y'all!


Tina @ wedding favors said...

This is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing this.

Issa said...

thanks for this wonderful tips! :)