Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Love NIVEA's Pocketsize Sunblock Lotion!

For our trip to the beach yesterday, I decided to bring the pocket size sunblock for kids sent to me by NIVEA. My hubby and I used it as well.

NIVEA Pocket Size Sunblock

I love that NIVEA came up with a pocket size version. I prefer it because it's very easy to bring.


Liam was amazed with the number of fish we found near the shore of Shangri-la Mactan's beach

My baby was EXTRA ACTIVE ever since we landed here in Cebu and he was in the water all day even if the heat was a little bit intense yesterday afternoon.


We changed color a bit but thanks to NIVEA we didn't get a sunburn!

Hope everyone's having a great day too!

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AskMeWhats said...

ang cute nga ng packaging and its perfect for Children! galing! Si Liam super protected na :D