Friday, May 20, 2011

Paul & Joe Summer Collection 2011: L'Horizon Bleu

It's never too late for summer as Paul & Joe releases its Summer Collection for 2011 in the Philippines called L'Horizon Bleu. Are you excited to see what design Paul & Joe has came up with its new collection?Keep on reading to see the photos and the makeup included:


A tropical and romantic place where the sea meets the sky and blur into one!

L'Horizon Bleu

"Twin Fish Bronzer" - Php 2550.00

A water-repellant bronzer and face blush in one that is perfect to get that light, glowing, sculpted or sun-kissed look everyone wants for this summer.

L'Horizon Bleu

Paul and Joe Eye Color B - Php 1,250
Shades from top to bottom: Le Midi, Adrift, Tranquility

Fab new eye colors that give you a real sense of movement of the waves. I can't swatch and see what color pay-off that color combination gives.

L'Horizon Bleu

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss Duo B - Php 1,650

Get an instant shimmery shade of the sea eye color with this product. 

L'Horizon Bleu

Two textures included to give you the right glossiness you want: the jelly base gives you a shimmer of sparkling pearl and clear color while the watery base gives pearly, wet texture and metallic color. By mixing these 2 colors, you can get that beautiful 3D gradient eyes.

L'Horizon Bleu

Paul & Joe Lip Gloss B = Php 1250

3 stunning sea shades available. Each has a tri-color harmony with shimmering blue pearl that expresses the ocean's tranquility as it reflects the color of the sky and changes color with it.

Shades from L-R: L'Horizon Bleu, Swept Away, Sailor's Delight

What do you think of this new collection? I'm digging for the bronzer and eye shadows :)

This will be available at the Paul & Joe counter at Rustan's Makati next week. If you're interested, call 899-9331 first to see if the product you want is already available.


MadeByJulietta said...

Fish bronzer looks pretty..I'd like to try that one

OSeƱorita said...

I'm curious 'bout the lip gloss b.

*KiM* said...

the lip gloss is interesting too :)