Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lusting Over Shoes and Clothes

I've been in complete-change-of-wardrobe process since giving birth. The style of my current shoes are completely out-of-trend. I don't want to be included in the list of fashion faux pas whenever I attend events so if you're been reading this blog, you'll notice that I constantly add my closet with simple but chic shoes and clothes according to my taste.

While searching the internet, I saw this site called Bluefly, an online shop of BCBG brand. It stands for bon-chic, bon genre or in English "good style, good attitude". What I like about their styles is the combination of European and American taste which is feminine, classy, stylish and not too fierce. Just my kind of style. 

I've been lusting on these BCBG shoes eversince I saw them.

This classic black leather boots is the type that will never be out-of style. It would look good with a dress, shorts and long pants. It can be paired with most of the clothes I currently have too.

This flats also got my attention. It looks comfortable and chic with the flower accent. I love wearing this type on a normal day while I'm doing my errands.

Anyone wearing this strappy leather wedge sandals will have an instant sexy legs. I love its flirty and girly design.

As for clothes, I am very particular with the cut and designs of what I buy right now. Since I'm still breastfeeding and pumping, I prefer having those types where I can easily access my breast but not sacrificing the style. I found most of them at BCBG too.

This black and white printed silk belted kimono dress is perfect. I already have 2 of this kind but I won't mind having this style.

Having a cardigan is always useful covering anything you don't want to show to the public. 

I think my addiction to shopping is getting back. Oh no! haha. But I really liked the ones I mentioned above. I think they're really worth buying.

How about you? What's your current style?

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Issa said...

oh, how I love those shoes! I will try to check them out! I usually wear pants when going to the office since I only commute. Maybe I have to get some stylish shoes like these to make my outfit more stylish! :)