Saturday, May 14, 2011

Escencia Salon Review and My First TV guesting :)

On the last episode of Pop Talk News GMA 11 hosted by Mr. Tonipet Gonzaga, I guested as a reviewer. Forgive me for not spreading the word :) It was my first time to appear on tv and I was too shy.

Pop Talk

They invited 3 reviewers on the last episode. Me (beauty blogger), Justine Ferrer (celebrity, got famous when she joined Survivor Philippines), and Zienry (sales clerk). 

Since the month of June is coming, Pop Talk asked us to review 3 salons that offer hair and makeup services for P500 or less. a person whose bread and butter is doing hair and makeup, I know it's hard to beat. But I didn't make biased reviews :)


Out of the 3 salons we tried, I liked 1. That is the Escenzia Salon located at Anonas QC. (I'll update this blog when I get the exact address). Hair and Makeup - P500. Haircut starts at P39.95. When I heard it, I shouted "Huuwhatt???!!!" in my mind. I honestly thought the cheapest haircut nowadays is P50 and do they still earn for a P500 hair and makeup? Well, I guess they do because in just a span of 2 years, Escenzia salon has 3 branches already.


The salon was neat and has a really big space. The interior was slightly vintage. They have 8 workareas available for haircut and hairtreatments, 1 makeup station and 3 for footspas, manicure and pedicure.

Pop Talk GMA 11

They even have this laser thing for hair treatments hehe.

Pop Talk GMA 11

Comfy car seats in the foot spa section. I really like this concept of having a sink below each work area. A huge help for their nail technicians so they won't have to walk around the salon carrying a heavy tub of water.



Makeup station. The brushes were clean and the makeup was organized when we got there. I was checking out the products they displayed and it's a combination of high-end and quality drug store products. Very surprising for a P500 hair and makeup service. I think I saw some Cinema Secrets, Estee Lauder, Smashbox, Maybelline, Ever Bilena, PAC, Fanny Serrano,...etc.

Pop Talk GMA 11

Pop Talk GMA 11

Pop Talk GMA 11

Staff were presentable in their uniform.


That's Justine Ferrer sitting comfortably while waiting to have her hair and makeup done.

As for me, I tried their foot spa with manicure. Costs P300 and additional P89.95 for Sally Hansen nail polish. Yeah this particular service is not very cheap but I think this is the salon's specialty.


Pop Talk GMA 11

Ate Rose, my nail technician that day. I enjoyed chatting with her. She's very friendly and she has light hands. I was really scared when she said she'll be using a blade to remove my calluses but she said she'll be cautious and careful. Didn't hurt even a bit :) However, I learned from a relative who used to work in a salon that this blading thing is an old school pratice. Most salons don't do this anymore as the callus will only grow back. Hmm...I didn't know that. I still enjoyed it anyway.

Pop Talk GMA 11

This is the "After" shot of Justine. Their hair and makeup artist was skillful. I really liked how it turned out. Not heavy but not too light. Just right to look good in an event and register nicely in photos and camera. She made Justine look even more beautiful. Who would think that she got her hair and makeup it for only P500 right?

Pop Talk GMA 11

A photo with the owner of Escenzia salon. I was inspired by her story of how she ended up with a business that she really enjoys. She's one of my inspirations now. I hope someday I could make my own BIG thing too.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the services we got at Escenzia salon. Although, their techniques are not updated as what I've learned, their facilities, staff and products can compete with the mid-end salons. As for their hair and makeup service, it was nicely done. Although, I don't think it would last long for occasions like wedding, it's definitely the best you can get if you're on a budget.

Happy weekend everyone!


Hazel said...

i like their concept of car seats as their seats in the salon.. and yeah 500 pesos for a hair and makeup is really cheap! i thought cheapest na yung 1k! :D best of luck to their salon :)

Issa said...

oh, i want to have my own salon too!

fashioneggpplant said...

aww kim! sayang sana you told us you were gonna be featured so we could've watched! anyway, congratulations! :)

AskMeWhats said...

aba aba aba! hindi nagsasabi!!! Should hunt it at Youtube! Congrats Kim!!!! Artistahin!!! Dapat nagpa autograph ako sayo last time!!! Miss you! See you again and more bonding (without the long walk) hahahah