Friday, April 15, 2011

New Scent: Armand Basi Sensual Red

Armand Basi Sensual Red is the new scent I've been wearing lately dinners and evening events. It smells sexy and strong but not overwhelming. I wear it even when I'm with my baby and he doesn't mind. In fact, he loves sniffing my shoulders when I'm wearing it :) "Red" - I believe the goal of the people who formulated the Armand Basi Sensual Red is to create a feminine scent that unlifts emotions and gives confidence. 

Armand Basi, fragrance

From Armand Basi - Sensual Red is the most feminine and emotional fragrance by Armand.
A fragrance which, at the time, merged the concepts of nature and architecture, scent and modernity characterizing the brand’s philosophy, and adding a new element, emotion, symbolized by a
colour that is a genuine statement of principles: the colour red.

In the basic notes seen the whole essence of femininity in luxury and sensuality of wood Styracaceae Madagascar vanilla. Accord praline growing woody notes of cedar, enriching its warmth the whole composition.

● Top Notes: Bergamot, clementine and peach.
● Middle Notes: Iris, heliotrope and violet.
● Base Notes: Virginia cedar, styrax, vanille and praline.

Armand Basi, fragrance

This reminds me of the Hugo Boss Red my mom gave me when I was in college. But this one is more pleasant to sniff.

The sakura floral design of the bottle makes me forget all the other perfumes I have. 

Armand Basi, fragrance

On the last note, 3 sprays is enough for me to smell great the whole day.

Armand Basi, fragrance

Overall, I think I'll be using my Armand Basi Sensual Red until it runs out. I've been using it for weeks and I haven't get tired of it. I like perfumes that really stays (makes me feel that it's worth the money I shelled out).

Have you tried this? What do you think?

It's also available in the Philippines at leading department stores:
Suggested Retail Price:
30 mL = Php 2,050
50 mL = Php 2,650
100 mL = Php 3,550

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Gent-N-Divas Style said...

I personally have never tried this scent, but I know people that have and they love it! I love the bottle. Pretty bottles always catch my eye.