Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Matter: Save Your Baby From Bumps and Bruises with Thudguard

Say hello to this little boy who made his mom and dad's lives at the peak of happiness!

The Beauty Addict

Isn't he adorable wearing a
Thudguard? :)

He's been so active since he learned how to crawl. Those milestones are very precious moments. But like all moms, witnessing the bumps and falls and seeing bruises are what I dread the most.

Last February, he turned 1 year old. One of the gifts he received for his birthday is this baby helmet called Thudguard. He didn't want to wear it at first so I said sayang ang mahal pa naman. I heard it's around 2k at the Mompreneur Shop at Shangri-la mall. But he gained confidence to walked on his own right after he turned 1. Watch his video playing at Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall wearing it.

He gets overwhelmed when he's walking so he doesn't notice his Thudguard anymore. He was already saved from several bumps on the walls and floor with it. I think it's worth the price.

The Beauty Addict

The material is durable rubber with tiny holes so it's light and comfortable to wear. The ear design on top makes it so cute to wear too. People are staring and waving at my baby when he's at the mall wearing it. Parang artista lang hahaha!

So for moms who have very active babies....this stuff might be useful for you!

Happy weekend!

To know more about the product, visit Thudguard Asia website
or like their Facebook Likepage.

FYI for those who are interested, Thudguard can be ordered via credit card
thru the Thudguard Asia website with free delivery.
It is also available locally at Rustans (Ortigas, Makati and Alabang) and Momtrepreneur.