Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celebrity Inspired Dishes by Lola Maria

Remember my post about loving the location of my new home (which is Mandaluyong) because of the many good places to eat such as Charlie's? Last week, there's an addition to our top restos list near our area when Lola Maria Restaurant introduced their new dishes to bloggers.

Lola Maria is the main dining outlet of Legend Villas (the eye-catching hotel with Vigan inspired design you'll surely won't miss when you pass by the Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong). They serve Filipino dishes and they are known for their kare-kare, lechon kawali, beef steak and chicken gallantina. But they also add international cuisine on their menu. My husband is not a fan of Filipino dishes but he's been raving about the food we had at Lola Maria to everyone since we've tried it.

The eight new dishes of Lola Maria are pretty special. Why? because each dish is inspired by the owner's celebrity friends. "We just made sure we give each dish that distinct Lola Maria Restaurant twist", said Ginger Villavicencio, COO of Legend Villas.

Warning this post is picture heavy!


Vegetable Quiche. Inspired by Randy Ortiz (a famous fashion designer)

Baked tender pastry crust with fresh vegetables. You may opt to top it with a little sour cream.



Prawn cakes. Inspired by Atoy Liave

Oriental style minced shrimps coated with bread crumbs, served with hoicin sauce. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This is a must-try! We enjoyed this dish very much.


Fish Pinipig. Inspired by Iza Calzado

Cream dory fillet covered with crispy pinipig flakes, dipped in tartare sauce. The pinipig made this dish very interesting.


Cocido, known to be a favorite of food blogger Anton Diaz.


Rosemary and Garlic Rib-Eye. Inspired by Ara Mina

This dish is yum! The meat was soft and juicy. I'm sure my dad will love this when I bring him to Lola Maria next month.


Calamansi sorbet to cleanse our palate

I was excited when Mrs. Jingjing Romero of Stratos Inc. told us to save some space for the dessert. I'm glad I listened because the desserts served were super delicious as well.

Ube and Langka Panna Cotta. Inspired by Sherilyn Reyes-Tan


Fried Suman at Tsokolate. Inspired by Wilma Doesnt

This is another love love love! Reminds me of Dulcinea's Churros!


Ensaymada Pudding. Inspired by Danica Magpantay, Ford supermodel grand winner


I was very honored to meet Chef Mike Martinez, chef consultant of Legend Villas. You made good food chef! You made us all very happy :)


It was my first time at Legend Villas. They have very nice ambiance inside and out. Staff are all friendly. Was able to take a photo of the pool only though coz I was overwhelmed with the food.


My take home pandesal with tuna paste is also delish!

Enough raving! Lola Maria Restaurant is located at Legend Villas along Pioneer corner Madison Streets, Mandaluyong City.

Let me know when you've tried this ok?

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