Thursday, January 6, 2011

Belle De Jour 2011

A planner is definitely one of my answers if you're going to ask me one of the most famous query in beauty blogs: "What's in your bag?". It's the most effective thing for me not to forget my deliverables and schedules. I've been using one yearly but it's only this year that I'll be using the BDJ Planner. I know I know! I'm a late bloomer. That's why I thank my hubby for giving it to me as one of his gifts last Christmas :)


Scroll down if you haven't seen this year's look. You might be convinced to buy one too :)

BDJ Planner 2011

Monthly tips and guide. Perfect past time if you're somewhere else waiting.

BDJ Planner 2011

Vacation Planner

My hubby and I didn't get the chance to travel last year because of our "demanding new comer". Hopefully, I'll be able to write something on this page this year.

BDJ Planner 2011

Christmas gift list

I might as well plan Christmas 2011 as early as now to avoid cramming haha.

BDJ Planner 2011

This is the only planner I've seen that has a menstrual tracker. I hope to be able to use this already. Oh I'm beginning to miss my period! It's May 2009 since I last had one haha. That delay is one of the benefits of purely breastfeeding :)

BDJ Planner 2011

BDJ Planner 2011

A notepad for the other essentials

BDJ Planner 2011

To unleash the writer in me. Somewhere I could write if something crosses my mind.

BDJ Planner 2011

Bills Tracker. Perfect for moms like me or girls who are just budget conscious.

BDJ Planner 2011

Cashflow Tracker

BDJ Planner 2011

Lots of discount coupons. My favorite as well! I have now compiled those I'm going to use first.

BDJ Planner 2011

And of course, the most important thing in a planner: lots of space to write your daily activities. Some people may not agree but I don't care if it takes a lot of space in my bag as long as it has everything that I need.

What planner did you buy for this year?


AskMeWhats said...

I've used once and I find it really nice to write pero a bit bulky! hehehe I want to bring my organizer EVERYWHERE so I am u sing a tiny version :)

peachy said...

Got myself one for this year! It's awesome, there's a lot going on in one planner. So sulit!

Eenah said...

aww...same here Kim! I so love Belle de Jour! I have compiled all the discount coupons as well, and the 1st to go will be the Suesh coupon! hahaha!

office philippines said...

It's more than just an organizer as it comes with discount coupons.

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