Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rice and Drink All You can at Karate Kid

Tired, hungry and thirsty from shopping at 168 Mall last month, my husband and I went to the food court at the 3rd level to have a decent lunch. To our dismay, it was a very huge food court but so full of people as well. It's a BER month so we were quite expecting that haha. We had to wait for people to finish and hurried to sit at their table as soon as they stood up. "Now where do we eat?" was our question to each other as soon as we settled because all of the fast foods we were eying has a long line of people waiting to order Hohmy! Until a crew from Karate Kid approached us and offered us their menu. She told us that we can order from her instead so we don't have to line up. My husband and I gave her a huge smile. We didn't know such service exist in a food court. Good job Karate Kid! And so that was my first time to have a taste of their food. It's cheaper compared to the other Japanese fast food chains. Since then, Karate Kid is the first thing I think of when I am super hungry and I don't have that much money to spend.

I was so hungry and thirsty again last Friday after a whole day hairstyling. Before heading home, we went to SM Megamall to have dinner at Karate Kid. Take a look at what we ordered:

karate kid

karate kid

Chicken Teriyaki with unlimited rice and drink - Php 99. Upgrade to bottomless drink for P20 only.

Not bad for its price. This reminds me of Teriyaki Boy's famous Chicken Teriyaki but sweeter.

karate kid

Takoyaki - 4 pcs Php 36 (regular) / Php 42 Special
8 pcs Php 69 (regular) / Php 79 Special

I was hesitant to try the topping at first because it looks like paper haha but it's good. Does not taste like the typical takoyaki you can have in kiosks. There's something special about it :)

In my opinion, Karate Kid is a great place to go if you want to satify your hunger or bloat yourself to the max at a very affordable price.

Have you tried Karate Kid? What's your favorite?


Sophia's Lover said...

Sweet like rich chocolate from godiva...
Running off my tongue like syrupy strawberry drippings...
My Coco Chanel...a special blend...

Thanks...wonderful Lady!

Crystal said...

san yung karate kid in mega? i didn't know they had there.

*KiM* said...

Hi Crystal! beside Yellow Cab :)

Unknown said...

arate Kid is a great place to go if you want to satify your hunger or bloat yourself to the max at a very affordable price.
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