Sunday, November 28, 2010

Revisit: Charlie's

My husband knows how eager I am to try the Cheese Steak at Charlie's. I've mentioned in my first Charlie's post that aside from the Black Angus Burger, this US Cheese Steak is gaining an equal popularity. And so last Saturday, he surprised me with another Charlie's date haha.


US Cheese Steak - Php 325

Cheesy soft and juicy beef topped with salsa and jalapeno. I like it so much! It's just a bit messy to eat because it's huge and stuffed with lots of ingredients. Price is pretty steep but for the size and quality of taste, it's worth it! Yes another rave about Charlie's from me haha


I liked the Chili Fries I had during my first visit but it's a bit above the spiciness my taste buds can handle. So this time, we had the Cheesy Fries instead. Big cuts of potatoes flooded with cheese. Yummy! "Hindi tinipid", that's one thing I love about this resto.


My husband had his usual Black Angus Burger.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Read the details about the location of Charlies on my first post

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