Thursday, October 7, 2010

Experience the First Japanese Medical Technology in the Philippines with Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics

I have always wondered why most Japanese people have great skin. What is it exactly that they are using? I have tried a lot of their skin care and make-up brands and so far I have never been disappointed.

I've never heard of Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics before. That's why when I was given a chance to try a treatment from them, I conducted a research first. What I've learned made me really excited. The Shinagawa Clinic Group of Companies is the biggest and No. 1 eye laser and aesthetic center in Japan. It aims to bring the first-ever Japanese medical technology in the Philippines and wants to boost medical tourism in the Asia-Pacific region as well by attracting foreign clients to try their top-of-the-line services.




Shinagawa is the newly opened Lasik and Aesthetic Center at the Mezzanine, Tower 2, Enterprise Center Makati. For someone who's not familiar in the Enterprise building like me, it's quite tricky to find. Just look for BPI at the ground floor then the smaller escalator beside it will take you there.


Upon entering, I was warmly welcomed by the people at the reception. I was surprised at how beautiful the place is. While waiting for my treatment to begin, I was asked to sit in a comfy couch, offered with refreshment and magazines to read.



After just a few minutes, I was accompanied to another area to have a skin consultation. I don't have major problems with my skin other than these acne marks, open pores and some freckles. Dr. Lee of Shinagawa recommended the Laser Genesis treatment for my skin concerns. He also advised me to use a Sunscreen with at least SPF 35 to prevent this kind of skin damage.


I was asked to clean my face first at the powder room before the treatment where I got to try their Celesty skin care products.


Laser Genesis is a treats conditions such as fine wrinkles, vascular lesions, abnormal facial redness, abnormal skin pigmentation and acne and acne scarring. I got more than 3500 shots which took less than 30 minutes I believe. I just felt something a little warm during the treatment but it's totally painless.

A day passed and I didn't feel any skin reactions. Of course I didn't see any drastic change in my skin as I still need 4 sessions every 2 weeks to see the results. One good thing I noticed is that my skin is less oily than before.


Treatment and Consultation rooms. The place is huge.


Shinagawa also recommends the Celesty line of beauty products. A 6-step facial care. Each containing the revolutionary whitening ingredient, yeast extract (YH-15). I got the chance to try them before the treatment and was amazed by the immediate effect. My skin felt very clean, smooth and tight after I cleanse, tone and moisturize my face.


L -R

Celesty Glow Whitening Cleansing Soap - Packed with moisturizers that leave skin soft, smooth and radiantly rosy white.
Celesty Glow Whitening Toner - calms and soothes inflammed skin.
Celesty Glow Whitening Essence - lightens pigmentation, providing evenly toned skin. Contains Vitamin B12, an effective anti-inflammatory ingredient.
Celesty Glow Extreme Whitening Moisturizer - effectively whitens while retaining moisture.


L- R

Celesty Glow Whitening Lotion - lightens pigmentation and blemishes while preventing appearances of new ones. The result is visibly whiter, more radiant and smoother skin.
Celesty UV White - Total Sun Protectoin with SPF 50 PA +++ that provides 50 times more protection from the sun's UV A and UV B rays. It is waterproof so it stays longer.
Celesty Glow Whitening Peeling Gel - a mild exfoliant that gently removed dead skin cells while leaving skin smooth and moisturized. It prevents melanin production of the skin because it contains high gluthathione formulation from YH-15.

I am tempted to purchase this as they're giving free 3 sessions of Laser Genesis if you purchase the entire set. What a great deal right?

All in all, I really enjoyed my visit at the Shinagawa Aesthetics and Lasik Center. The place was very inviting. The doctors and the other staff were very happy people and accommodating. They made me feel at home. And most of all, the high-end technology they're using for skin care.

Other services offered:
Kamra Cornea InlayIntralasik

- Aesthetic Center

Noselift (Rhinoplasty)

Eyebag Removal
Double Eyelid Surgery
Incision Technique
Thread Technique

Non Surgical Liposuction

Slimming (fat burning)


Crows Feet
Stiff Neck

(Hydraulic Acid Injection) Dermal Fillers


Visit their website if you're interested with any of their services
Or contact their Beauty Consultant, Ms. Carmela T. Sison

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LASIK Surgery said...

Nice facility you guys have... Congrats

Eileen said...

I had a horrible experience with Shinagawa's Candela hair removal treatment! My lower legs became super dry, flaky and itchy with red spots! I had to buy medication as a result of the incident! Never again will I avail of their services!

Anonymous said...

I called up Shinagawa to inquire about the price of their treatment. They kept holding the line and passing the phone (to at least 6 people) and nobody knew the price nor the treatment that was posted at their homepage! They kept asking me what was my question and giving strange prices for different treatments that I was not even asking for! They even suggested that I just drop by myself in their clinic just to ask for the price!

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