Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Beauty Addict's Modelling Experience for Mommy Matters

A few weeks ago, I attended a meeting of a breastfeeding support group where I met the lovely owner of Mommy Matters, Ms. Candice. She asked me if I want to model for their clothes on a fashion show to be held at Tintin Bersola's baby shower party. Of course, I didn't even think twice and said yes :)


The event was held at Cafe La Carmela Makati



Hosted by the owner of herself Mrs. Tintin Bersola-Babao. Such a pretty preggy :)


Part of the program was a 15 min-fashion show of Mommy Matters. My hubby took these videos for me:


Tintin with the other moms who modelled for Mommy Matters


Each preggy went home with a gift from Ai-non, Baby Company, St. Lukes Medical Center, All About Scrapbooking, Swell Sweets, Mommy Matters, Malunggay Capsules and EQ Diapers


A souvenir photo from Stork Studio


And a scrumptious dinner from Cafe La Carmela. Thank you so much!

I'm very glad to have experienced this while I'm still preggy. A memorable event don't ya think?

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Stork Studio (

Monday, January 11, 2010

Beauty Event: The Body Shop's Bringing Back the 80's Favorites and Body Butters

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Event

The Body Shop launched the 1980s favorite Originals Collection with its new packaging last Friday. It was an 80s pop-themed event and bloggers had fun learning about these new products with the activities TBS team prepared for us.

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Event

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Event

Trying the Originals Collection

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Event

Fuzzy Peach and Green Apple Both and Shower Gels

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Event

Dewberry Shower Gels and Body Lotion. Smell so good! These are one of my favorites.

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Events

Cucumber Cleansing milk. - gently lifts oils, makeup and impurities
without drying the skin.

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Event

Banana shampoo. The winner in the bloggers votes.
Makes me want to try.

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Event

Ice Blue Shampoo. Shampoo with cooling effect.

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Event

Carrot Moisture Cream. It's a rich, non-greasy moisturizer.

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Event

TBS also lauched their new body butter flavors. I only got to try the Wild Cherry. If you like fruity scents you'll love this.

I already stocked-up on Cocoa Body Butters during their last sale. I've been using it consistently on my pregnant tummy and still no stretchies now that I'm on my 8th month :)

If you're a fan of the TBS Body Butters too, now is the time to hoard. From 695, you can avail them now for 495 :) Promo will be up to the 28th of this month only.

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Event

After all the happenings, it was time for the "White Hat" treat.

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Event

I love Frozen Yogurts but it was my first time to try this brand.

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Event

I chose the mango, strawberry and cheesecake combination. Yummy! White Hat is the best frozen yogurt I've tried so far :)

Kim Rodriguez at The Body Shop's Beauty Event

Of all the products I've mentioned, I chose the Cucumber Cleansing Milk. I said that my pick was the Dewberry but on second try, this one got me hooked. I'm also excited to use my new body butter, the Wild Cherry :)

How about you? Any thoughts or comments? Please share.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reminiscing 2009

2009 is the most unforgettable year for me. There are gloomy days but all-in-all, I can say that God really blessed me this year.

Here are the highlights of my life this year:


Pau and I got married January 31 teehee and we spent our Honeymoon in Bohol.


I took makeup lessons at Basement Academy. One of the best decisions in my life.


My mom passed away. 
I found out I was pregnant.

July – September

I started building my makeup portfolio.


Pau and I went to Cebu. One of the best trips I’ve had.

November – December

I got to do 4 weddings gigs. Awesome!

I know 2010 will be very challenging. OMG I’m going to be a mom! It’s scaring me the hell out of me but I’m so excited to meet my little angel already! Wish me luck guys.

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I specialize in wedding make-up (Traditional or Airbrush makeup) . I also provide hair and make-up services for photoshoots, events, special occasions and ads. I was trained at HD Makeup Studio and Academy (formerly Basement Academy) for makeup and hairstyling by some of the best makeup artists in the Philippines.

I love to blog about my make-up, beauty, parenting, and other personal adventures in this site.

To see pictures of some my makeup gigs please visit My Makeup Portfolio website

For bookings, questions, event features or product reviews, contact me at:
0998. 985. 88. 40

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