Friday, June 5, 2009

Basement Academy Beauty Makeup Course Day 6: Bridal Makeup

My desire to learn how to do bridal makeup is the main reason why I enrolled in a makeup school. I am always amazed on how a simple makeup can transform a bride into the most stunning and elegant woman in the event.

Important things I learned about bridal makeup:
  • It needs to be radiant and natural.
  • Makeup should last all day and should endure a lot of crying and sweating. All waterproof =)
  • It’s not the time to experiment on makeup.
  • Use a cream blush as a base to make the blush last longer.
  • Use a liptint as a base for the lip color for the same reason as above =)

Here's the before and after pic of my model:

Jean Garcia. She volunteered to model because she's interested to study makeup too. Turned out we have some common friends. face was so oily after the hard work hehe.

That's all. Happy weekend to y'all =)


♥ Nehs ♥ said...

how lovely! great Kimi!

donnarence said...

nice.. :D glowing ang model.. :D