Thursday, April 23, 2009

Personal: a new baby, my baby + food =D

Heeeyy! Can't think of a title sorry..I've been busy the entire morning so no makeup post for today hehe

Personal update...I went to Cardinal Santos to visit my friend who just gave birth to a lovely baby girl =D She's sooo adorable..

I realized I want to have a baby soon too =D hehehe. But for the mean time I'll show you my cutie cutie baby chachamuch.

If you've watched Marley and Me, he's very similar to Marley. People are afraid to touch him because he doesn't trust strangers that easily. But this dog brought nothing but happiness to me hehe. Love him! I wouldn't survive the kinda sad days when my family went to the US without my Pau and my chachamuch =D

Food update....I ate too much today (Uggghhh! again...) =D We ordered 1 bucket of KFC chicken and it's too much for the 3 of us (my ofcmates). I've also been munching this since 12pm =D

My fav popcorn from Taters....White Cheddar =D. I know Sab loves this too hehe

Till tom! Ciao


AskMeWhats said...

awww, both babies are super cute!!!!! I am literally wanting to hug both of them, not the same time! heheh

Tara Cabullo said...

Sooo cute! What breed is chachamuch? :)
COngrats to your friend! She must want to go home immediately and hug her baby 24/7!

I <3 Taters, too. :)

sab said...

best popcorn ever!! yum!

and cute babies!!

fuzkittie said...

Congrats to your friend.

*KiM* said...

@Nikki - yeah I take a shower after I play with my dog everytime =D

@Teeyah - he's a shi tzu poodle mix =D Yeah she's so cute and big...8lbs ^-^

@Sab - I agree! I love it...white cheddar is my fav

@Fuz - Thanks! I'll tell her =D

Chrissy said...

Gosh, now I'm hungry. x.x

Congrats to your friend! And your doggie is soooo adorable! And what a cute name. XD How do you pronounce it?

noone said...
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noone said...

Aww what a cute puppy and baby! Congrats to your friend :)

noone said...

P.S the deleted comment was mine I accidently pressed the trash can, sorrie!

Rochelle Rivera said...

Cute babies. Congratulations to your friend. ♥ I already have 3 babies but I also want a baby like yours. LOL.!

Tiff said...

What an adorable baby and puppy! I love your doggie's name too, very cute :).

Anastacia said...

Your friend's babe so cute!
And your babe looks just adore! OOOOO! So cutie :)Like little toy :)

*KiM* said...

@Chrissy...His real name is Champ. I don't know why we call him chachamuch now haha. It's pronounces as chacha-moooch =D

@Pop Champagne...Oh that's ok.

@Rochelle - really you have three already? I want to have 2 that's the max + chachamuch

@Tiff @Anastacia...Thanks so much! =D

Bijin Blair said...

Hello Kim,

This is my first time commenting on your blog ^^

Chachamuch is sooo freaking adorable!! I wanna give it a hug!

*KiM* said...

Hi Blair...I know right? hehhee he makes me happy all the time. Thanks for visiting my blog =D