Friday, April 17, 2009

EOTDs + NOTD + Food post

Hi everyone! It's supposed to be a happy day coz it's Friday but I'm so bored...Is it just me? =D went thru heavy traffic while I was on my way to the office and now I've got nothing to do coz all my tasks are in pending. But I'm thankful least there's blogspot to keep me busy for the remaining 6 hours hahaha.

I did another neutral for my look today. Passe I know hehe. (Gold and browns). But this is something I can wear over and over again. What's new? I used products I rarely use. Some I just forget and some are just too precious for me (not using is sort of preserving for me weird hehe).

I used the Gold e/s from the Herbench duo on the lids, MUFE light tan e/s above the crease, VOV dark brown on the outer V and MUFE #82 on the inner corner.

I painted my nails with a bright red nail polish from The Face Shop. This is my fav nail color.For me, this color is so chic and adds elegance even if you're just wearing a simple outfit.

I was trying to come up with a spring look last night while I was waiting for Pau. But he arrived early so I wasn't able to finish this haha.

And these were the pics of our dinner last Friday. One of my officemates resigned and it was his last day. He requested for us to have dinner at Max's resto (there's a branch just across our building) coz he just realized that he never tried this resto at least once in his 1 year stay on our comp hehe.

I've learned to eat Buko Pandan because of Max =D. Simple dessert yet sooo good.

Lumpiang ubod (pith of coconut trunk)

My fave combo: Fiesta meal hehehe

Everyone in the Phils knows that the Max's chicken looks so plain but it's very juicy and tasty. Best eaten with Jufran ketchup. It's not good without Jufran! hehe

Caramel bar! I love it...I bought a box of this =D

That's all =D Happy weekend!


Anastacia said...

You're so soo sooooo pretty!
On first pic you looks like magazine model!

Tara Cabullo said...

I agree! Pretty girl.

Chrissy said...

Your post makes me so hungry!

I miss Max's...too bad their quality has gone down. Oh well!

Oh, I love the neutral look...but idk when I wear neutrals I just feel...weird I guess.

*KiM* said...

waaahhh anastacia i turned red when I read your comment hahaha and even more when teeyah agreed...i just love taking pictures (of myself =D). I'm vain I admit!

Hi Chrissy! it's because you're an adventurous personn =D. I like it

Chrissy said...

Thanks! Hehe. I did a neutral look on my friend today--whoa that's a first for me. XD

AskMeWhats said...

I don't see you as vain but simply beautiful kim!!! You look so shy when I first met you :) :) :) I hope to meet you again someday.

Love the look and I LOVE that TFS nail polish too!!!! Happy weekend!

donnarence said...

lovely neutral look!you're eyes are really sexy imho.. :D i love max's fried chicken.. yum

*KiM* said...'re so sweet =D Thank you. I hope to see you again too

@Donnarence haha i have very small eyes...i wish it's bigger...Thanks for your comment!

fuzkittie said...

Droool the food looks soo good!! xD Wow the colorful eye is really cool~