Sunday, April 19, 2009

Abduction night at Al's Bar

Hi everyone! I hope everyone's having a nice and relaxing weekend. As for me....I was at Al's Bar in Paranaque last night to watch the gig organized by Rubber Duckie Music Productions. They're having a bar tour right now so if you're interested, you may check out the poster below:

Bands that performed last night:

HedgeZero (my favorite band! wushooooo hehehe)

Ursaminor. (The drummer and guitarist were from the band named Pitik...the orig members were absent hehe)

and of course....I won't end this post without my FOTN pics. I tried to create a rocker look but I was in a hurry and I didn't like how it turned out hehe...I'll try again on their next gig =P

That's all...we're heading to the mall today for Pau's sister's bday treat. We're having pizza and pasta again weeeee =D Till tomorrow! muahhh


Chrissy said...

I like how the FOTN turned out though. It looks really amazing. :D I think you pulled it off quite well. :D And you look like you had a really really fun night!

Chrissy said...

I tagged you! If you are bored, give it a shot! :)

Anastacia said...

Cool pix!!

Vanessa M. said...

sexy eyes!!