Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tagaytay weekend

Saturday (March 7, 09), Pau and I went to Tagaytay with his parents, grandma and Tita Cindy. Our main agenda is to put a "For Sale" sign on Tita Cindy's property at Leisure Farms but unfortunately they were unable to make that so we just went there to enjoy and relax.

We were supposed to have our lunch @ Josephine's. But we saw the new branch of Robinson's in front so we decided to stroll and look for a new place to eat.

I was preparing my camera when a woman approached Pau's lola saying she has a heart for people in wheelchair. I only recognized her when the girl with her told me "You want a picture with her?" haha. I said..."Ok" =D I realized she's Boots Anson Roa. She seemed so nice and I like her from now on =)

with Pau's family and Boots

with my baby damulag =D

We saw this super affordable combo @ Giligan's and that's where we had our lunch.

Honeyed Chicken

Pancit (this is not included in the combo)

Fish fillet

and the sisig with Mayonnaise (not in the picture).

For the price and the taste of food...I give them 5 stars hehehe =D

Going to Leisure Farms, we passed by the Fantasy World. I remember we went there when I was in Elementary and until now it's not yet finished.....I don't know what happened...sad

Leisure Farms clubhouse

Leisure Farms playground

The birds there are different. They love playing in the pool hehe.

A Kim Tiu smile but looks like a Rabbit smile =D

Finally, we had our snack @ Mushroom burger. When I was little, this must be a part of your itinerary when you're going to go to Tagaytay hehehe. I forgot the taste and now that I had the chance to try it again...I think it's just a normal burger. Nothing extraordinary...or I'm not just a fan of mushrooms hehe...but at least it's something you get to try only in Tagaytay.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. =D

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TOJ said...

actually, they already have a branch sa west ave. but of course, the best pa rin sa original :)