Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Surprise Bday Party

Last Sunday (030809), our friend Toj prepared a surprise bday party for Gary. So sweet =) It was held at the roofdeck of Makati Executive Tower. It was very a very fun moment spent with very special friends =D

Here's Gary...he said he was really surprised hehehe

Toj prepared balloons filled with water for this game. Pau and I were out first hahaha. Sorry..catching things is really not my talent.

Another effing.. hard game. arrrghh! I'm the reason why our team lost hahaha. I was so slow...

We didn't follow the party's theme coz we had mass before we went there sorry

Happy people

I had buko juice, pork bbq, spaghetti, pizza and pichipichi. Have you ever tried Amber's pichi pichi? OMG....I love love love it. I'm always craving for it hahaha. It's the best pichi pichi!

The sweet couple

The view of Makati

I hope someone will also organize a suprise bday party for me! hahaha...ehem...ehem (Pau!!! wushu!)

Ciao ciao!


AskMeWhats said...

awww birthday surprises are sweet~ :) when's your bday kim??? :)

*KiM* said...

Yup it's really fun =D...April 11 =D waaahhh don't want to get old

Shen said...

your so pretty here! :) ui i have a contest going on, don't forget to join!

*KiM* said...

Hi Shen! Thanks for your comment! I already did right after you announced it hahaha!

TOJ said...

natawa naman ako sa "couple" picture. hahaha. =)

thanks din sa pagpunta :) you made Gary's birthday really special :)

teka, di ko maalalang nag-order ako ng pichi-pichi.. seriously, meron ba? hahaha

*KiM* said...

ay hindi ba? nyeee

yup nagdala kmi ni pau haha kmi din ung kumain =D

TOJ said...

aaah kaya pala. haha! uy thanks ulit! =)