Monday, March 16, 2009

Only on Payday!

Because our salary were released early last Friday, one of my teammates begged if we could have something different for our dinner and he suggested North Park. When we heard "North Park"'s Ting! we're already craving for Chinese Food. The only North Park near our workplace is their branch at Medical City. But the timing is arggghhh!!! We were stuck on traffic coz it's friday and it's payday hahaha. When we got there I suggested all my fav food from the menu:

Beef with Brocolli. I like this bec. 1) I just love brocolli! 2) the meat is soft 3) Love love love the sauce.

Manchurian calamares. Most people are not aware that this dish exist in North Park. But this is my ultimate fav! Those squid-lovers in the Phil should really try this.

And of course...Yang Chow fried rice! this should always be present in my order when I dine in a Chinese resto!

01??? lol

kim kim and carol =D

Till next payday! haha


AskMeWhats said...

Oh my goodness! I love Northpark too! When I still was free from allergies, I always go for the Garlic Squid YUMMM!!! And I love the noodle soup din! I am a brocolli eater too!!! :D I am hungry!!!

*KiM* said...

The garlic and pepper squid??? I also loveee that hehehe. I can eat chinese everyday =D

MiuMiu said...

mmmmm...beef and i miss

Anastacia said...

OH! WOW! This food looks very yummy yummy! MMM