Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to: Achieve a glowing skin

Are you bored with your skin? Do you find it so pale? If you're like me who has always been so frustrated to have bright/healthy-looking skin...then this post might help you.

Modelco Luminosity Shimmer Whip (Bronze)

Have you heard about this product? I've learned this from TuneBabe. Thank you so much Tune! This has always been my favorite since I bought it. If I'm going to answer that "What's on your purse tag" this is definitely included.

What is it:

Luminosity is a light reflecting shimmer whip that highlights facial areas such as cheek bones, brow bones and décolletage. It can be used on its own or be blended with foundation or concealer to create a natural, radiant glow. Luminosity comes in 3 shades to suit all skin types: Bronze - Glow like a bronzed Goddess!, Pink - Shimmer pretty in pink!
Champagne - Sparkly Champagne!

How much:
It cost P1600+ ($32+) in Beauty Bar

How do I use it:

I blend it with any foundation I have to create a radiant finish.

Its only con for me is the price! =( boo...

But last Christmas...I received this as a gift from Pau's cousin:

Elf shimmer whip (forgot to bring it so I just grabbed the pic at sharplily.com)

I looked for this at Elf booths and it's available here in the Philippines for only P129.00/$2.6. The texture of Modelco Shimmer whip is way way way better than this but the price is also way way way higher that the elf. So while I'm in a no budget mode for a while..this is a very good alternative.

But Modelco is still my HG for now =D

This is a pic of me with no makeup...So pale arrghh

And here I used the Modelco =D love love love it's effect

How about you? Have you tried using any shimmer products? I'd love to discover a few more =D


AskMeWhats said...

The Stila tinted moisturizer gives a wonderful glow, same with MAC strobe cream :) But there are days I opt for matte finish :) but you look great with glow :)

tuniez83 said...

you'r so beatifully glow! thanx for the credit you gave me. I still got more than 80% left off, LOL just use it to little/one. Glad you like what I recommended.

✿Ji✿ said...

I´m using the Manhattan liquid highlighter, but I think it´s an ok product! It´s a very subtile shimmer! I really want to try out the benefit high beam highlighter!<3

Shen said...

wow! that is a nice looking glow-y skin. :) as for me, i go back to the basics and use skincare to achieve a glow-y skin without looking oily. :) hehehe! if i use a product like this, i'd look hella oily! :) definitely need a primer and a good prepped skin before i can oull of this look.. but you, you made it look simple! :)