Thursday, November 24, 2022

Another Set of Online Games I Enjoy Recently

Online games are my family's favorite bonding activity. With the wide variety of choices we have right now, I get so picky when it comes to the games that I choose my kids to play. To be honest, I prefer the ones where they'll be able to exercise their brains by thinking of techniques on how to solve a certain problem in a game. That way, they're learning and enjoying themselves at the same time. 

I recently found out that the site that I mentioned in my previous post, Mortgage Calculator, has a gaming section which I find so cool. After getting worked up with my financial calculations, it's good to take that part away from my mind for a while and enjoy cool online games which I can finish in just a short amount of time. The games I've tried are nothing complicated, but very interesting so I'm sure that your young ones will surely enjoy them too. 

I asked my daughter to choose which game she wanted to try first and she chose, the Lego City Adventures Build and Protect. This is an interesting one because kids love anything they can build. It's also an added benefit that they learned how tax works and earn revenues by owning properties just by playing this game. It's easy to play because you can read the instructions before playing the game in the section. 

As she progress in playing the game and was able to explore more zones, she was able to use more unique lego pieces which adds to her interest in continuing the game. It's like building a city and learning how to maintain and protect it just like in the real world.

Another game that the adults in our family enjoyed is the Bob and Chainsaw. It's so simple because you just have to click on which side you're going to cut the tree to avoid getting hit by the big trunk. It takes a little practice to master clicking and eye coordination. I didn't know I was playing it for almost an hour because one can easily get hooked on it while trying to concentrate to win.

I'm just happy that we got a lot of options nowadays. In my opinion, it's a good addition to a serious financial site like the Mortgage Calculator. It adds an entertaining side to the other useful functionalities that it offers. It's a great bonding activity you could do while chilling at home, or taking a break in a coffee shop. You should definitely try it.