Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Keep on Saving to Retire Early and Enjoy Life

Most of the topics of my husband and I's discussions at night before going to sleep are about how we can earn more money so we could achieve our goals early and enjoy every moment we have for the rest of our lives. We also don't want to become a burden to our kids when we grow old, so we plan to have the resources and capabilities to support ourselves when that time comes. 

We've started growing our money by finding different sources of income. We also ventured into investing. One area that we try to focus on now is saving. We figured that we need to fix how we currently use our money to make our plans more effective and fast. It covers a lot of aspects of our daily lives. The simplest is how we save money by choosing where we buy our weekly groceries and planning our weekly food. 

With so many places we've invested in, it is important for us to track them so we know where we are in reaching our goals. However, it's not too easy for me because I'm not an accountant. I'm still new at this. That's the reason why I rely on online tools to make my life easier and my work faster. The best one I've found is SavingsCalculator.org. All I needed to do was input all the numbers that I have and it'll compute what I need to know about my savings. Currently, it uses US Dollars as the default currency, but you could easily convert it and it works just the same. 

The site also contains good reads if you're just starting your savings. Gathering information and making yourself aware is a good start to getting the amount that you want for your future. You can also find calculators related to education and retirement. If you're like me who wants to retire before turning 50 and enjoy traveling while my body is still capable of doing it, you should try this do and create your own tracker.

Like I always say, there's nothing wrong with longing for more money or financial stability. Money is not evil because you can use it to do good things. I wish whoever is reading this could attain financial freedom as soon as possible. That way, there will be a lot of people who will be willing to help those in need too and we can have a better world to live in.