Friday, October 31, 2008

Ofc Holloween Contest

FirstPrize: Nintendo Wii...Here's our representative. Wooohooo!!! Our team will surely win! (I hope =D)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

103008 - 9:30PM

Yey! Pau posted the pixies of their Paco gig last Friday on their multiply ( already.....These are now my favorites! My future husband is soo cute =D


I got in to our office around 1pm. Saw Gio sleeping (in a very funny position =D) so I took pictures of him hahaha. Peace Gio! Anyways, just want to document that out hahaha.


Hedge Zero had an audition at Club Dredd in Eastwood City.

Got off the office around 10:20 pm. While I was on the parking lot, Pau was already texting me "the first band is already playing and we're third....where are you???" hahaha.

I had no worries then because Eastwood is only a few uhmmm meters? ^-^ from Tiendesitas. But got stuck on traffic waahhh! The culprit is a truck blocking the street near Dampa...
When I finally got to Club Dredd, I heard that HedgeZero's already playing. Unfortunately, I forgot that there was an entrance fee and I forgot to withdraw. The guy on the entrance told me that the fee is 150. I searched my wallet and I had the total of my bills is 140 so I searched my bag for my coins and waaaahhhh the total of my money is only 148. Haha I was so embarrassed so I told the guy, I'll just look for an ATM. When I got back...they were done with the 2nd song =( at least I still made it and they were so great!

On our way to the parking lot, we saw some holloween stuff so we decided to camwhore haha!

Noel as "Sadako"

Pau and I (that's our scariest face already hahaha)

Scared??? I wore my new Forever 21 blazer from Ate Shelley. Thanks! Luhvit =D

HedgeZero @ Club Dredd

Pau's really feeling the song